“Who are you? I really wanna know”


My name is Rob. I’m a salesman.  That’s who I am. Who are you?                                                    

I’ve been selling for over thirty-seven years. I’ve sold ten pence newspapers, I’ve sold million pound contracts and I’ve sold most everything in between.

Sales has raised me to the highest of highs. Sales has plunged me to the lowest of lows. And back again.

Everything I know about sales I have learnt and developed on the sales coal face. Every corporate company you can bring to mind in the UK, plus thousands of all sizes that you can’t, I’ve prospected and more than likely made a sale to.

Much like life sales and business are about rejection and losing. But it’s about winning too. I’ve experienced it all and lived to tell the tale. But I’ve done more than that: I’ve prospered to tell the tale.

I live in England not Theoryland. I’d love to teach you what I know. And I know a lot.

So, ‘Who are you? I really want to know.’

If you need help with converting more sales, making more profits and growing your business then it’s time for some new ideas. Ask about my sales mentoring service.

Work with me for six months.  Give me six short months of your life and I’ll give you the tools, the skills and the processes to change your business forever. Even if, especially if you hate selling, guaranteed. 

Ready for success? Get in touch here.  


PS: It seems more than a little rude at this point not to introduce you to the wonderful Roger Daltrey and The Who. Enjoy!