The Secret To How Your Neighbours Grass Always Looks Greener.


You know that infuriating competitor?  The lucky devil whose quotes are higher than yours, has been trading less time than you, doesn’t care as much as you, isn’t as passionate as you and yet – and yet he still pulls in more customers than you.

His grass is much greener than yours and it doesn’t feel fair does it? Why does he have greener grass? Because he waters it!

In this instance, that competitor has learnt how to do a better sales job than you. They’re paying attention to the enquiries they get. And they’re seeking out those who fit their service and converting them into a customer. They’re getting them to say ‘yes’.

Nothing happens in any business until someone makes a sale.

Whether it’s greener grass, making more sales, losing weight, or finding “the one”, the key to success is taking action.

Yet, action alone isn’t enough. Because doing what we’ve always done will only get us what we’ve always got. Indeed that’s one definition of insanity.

New ideas combined with action are the keys to success. And sanity.

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