The impact.

People don’t believe what you say about your business. Here‘s what business owners just like you had to say about the impact working with me had on their business.


Rob adapted to the opportunities that I needed.

He wasn’t trying to impose some fixed programme on me, and it was a wonderful feeling when people signed up for what I was offering.

Nic Pillow

Rhizome Live

Sales were something that I found really difficult and as a result, we had a business but we didn’t have any customers.

Rob helped us in the early days to think about how we put our proposition forward, how we identify those that we want to sell to. But in a way, it doesn’t feel like selling.

Justin Robbins


The results that we’ve had have been phenomenal. Rob has helped us double the team and more than double the revenue.

Of all of the different business coaches, mentors and experts that are out there, Rob is genuinely credible.

Luke Trimmings

Appeal Digital

As well as increasing the number of customers and the turnover of the company, I’ve found a much better work life balance.

I’ve now got more time with my family. I’ve joined the gym, started running, going on holiday next week and things like that.

Karl Paul

Smarter Digital

The good thing with Rob is that he looks at your personality, the way you work, your own industry and he’ll give you what I would call a custom made sales solution.

I would definitely recommend Rob to anyone looking for sales coach. I trust him implicitly.


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