Meet Rob Moody


Business owner, sales professional or entrepreneur needing to make more sales? You've come to the right place.

I’m a sales professional and business owner living in the Cotswolds.

I’ve been a salesman, sales manager and director. I’ve started, owned and helped build companies, sold companies and now advise, help and support businesses in how to make more sales.

I’m a doer through and through.

I most love the freedom and opportunity that the ability to find customers and convert sales affords any business.

Despite being successful in Corporate UK, I know it’s business owners like us who have the biggest impact on the world by creating jobs and wealth on a socially inclusive basis.

That impact begins by making a sale. I’ll show you how.


That thing you love. That thing you're really good at. Go do that.

Enough about me. If your business needs more customers, more sales and more profits I’ll work with you and together we will generate revenue by selling the service you’re passionate about.


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