I help business owners make more sales



How’s business?

“Could be better” I hear you say?

If finding more customers and converting more sales would help you to grow your business then maybe it’s time to learn some new ideas.

In which case, Insight Selling is the answer.

What I do

Mentor, teach and support business owners to sell better. I’ll teach you how to find more customers, make more sales and grow your business.

Why you need it

You’re doing okay yet you feel that there is so much more out there if only you could get in front of more prospects and convert more sales.

Who I help

Business owners or decision makers in a business providing a business-to-business service.

How it works

Over a six month period I’ll roll up my sleeves and together we’ll build a simple sales process tailored to your personality, the way you work and the service you provide to increase by degrees your effectiveness at turning leads into prospects and prospects into customers. Even if, especially if you hate selling.

I’ve built real businesses and sold them. I mentor, teach and support business owners to do just one thing. Make more sales.

My way of working is not for everyone, it’s intensive, personal, transformative and hard work. It’s also a brilliant bargain! It gives an outstanding return on investment and changes business like yours forever. 

But don’t take my word for it. See testimonials from business owners just like you here.

As well as increasing the number of customers and the turnover of the company, I’ve found a much better work life balance.

I’ve now got more time with my family. I’ve joined the gym, started running, going on holiday next week and things like that.

Karl Paul

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